Top 5 Best Rosehip Oil for Acne for 2020

Acne is for sure one of today’s greatest skin problems; both women and men suffer from this skin condition.  Isn’t it annoying how it wreaks havoc on our skin and how it can completely ruin your wonderful complexion? I really get frustrated whenever I see my face turning into a mess of red, ugly bumps.

I know I can always run to topical medications that can be bought over-the-counter but I’m afraid it will only lead me to skin irritation since it is loaded with harsh chemicals. Fortunately, there’s rosehip oil which is a more natural yet effective method that will help fight acne and the scars it comes along.

So in today’s article, I will be sharing with best rosehip oil for acne. We will also try to find out why this oil is becoming so popular in the beauty community.

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What is Rosehip Oil?

Rosehip oil, which is often called as rosehip seed oil, is the oil that has been extracted from the rose plant’s fruit or hip. The hip looks like a small cherry ball and is left behind one the flower blossoms. It is mostly harvested from the plants found in the southernmost parts of Andes, the Chilean rose bushes.

Don’t confuse rosehip oil with rose oil! Rose oil has been extracted from roses’ petals and both are absolutely different. Rose oil can be skin irritant and uses content for its scent that might lead to fragrance allergies.

Now you might ask, does rosehip oil can really treat your acne problems? The answer is definitely yes! Rosehip oil is loaded with nourishing agents as well as vitamins that your skin really needs. It has healing abilities and can accelerate the process of clearing the acne. Anyway, here are some of the beneficial nutrients that can be found in rosehip oil.

1. Vitamin C

Rosehip oil is loaded with Vitamin C which has been known for its ability to protect your skin from any environmental damage. Vitamin C can tighten your skin pores and increase the production of collagen which is important for the finest skin health.

Another vital benefit of rosehip oil’s Vitamin C is that it can speed up the repair of any skin damage like reversing the damage done to your DNA during acne breakout and helps your body fight possible scars.

2. Vitamin A

Rosehip oil also has content of Vitamin A, which is commonly referred to as retinol.

There are already lots of retinol creams prescribed to treat your skin problems like acne and you can just quickly purchase them in various pharmacies. But if you want something natural, then you can have the similar effect by using rosehip oil that contains a good amount of retinol. It will help you repair damaged cells, enhance blood flow and manage your acne breakouts by making sure your oil production is under control.

3. Fatty Acids

Rosehip oil also has omega-6 fatty acids which can make your skin healthy and help you repair any damaged skin cells.  If your skin lacks fatty acids, it will become dry, flaky and prone to acne and wrinkles.

Good thing the fatty acids found in rosehip oil stops any inflammation that can usually lead to acne breakout. These acids are also very important to protect your skin from sun damage.

4. Collagen and elastin

Collagen and elastin are both skin firming essentials that can be found in rosehip oil. Collagen has been known to minimize the signs of premature aging which are the results of using harmful chemicals.

But the benefits of using rosehip oil go beyond just treating acne. It is very beneficial for your skin appearance and even overall health.

How to Choose a Rosehip Oil for Your Acne

There are few things to consider when deciding what rosehip you should buy. Below are some tips on how to choose the best rosehip oil for your acne.

1. Organic rosehip oil is the best choice. This helps you make sure that every ingredient of the oil comes from natural products that are safe to use and that there are no any harmful chemicals that could possibly be absorbed by your skin.

2. Make sure that it is cold pressed. It would be best to stick to cold pressed rosehip oil if you want your skin to receive a full range of benefits. This means the method of how the oil has been extracted does not involve any heat that could potentially damage some of the oil’s beneficial nutrients. The process also did not use any chemical solvents.

3. Make sure it is 100% pure. What makes the rosehip oil the best acne-care product is when it is 100% pure. This is one way to make sure it doesn’t contain any undesirable additives and was not watered down with other oils.

My Top Five of Best Rosehip Oil

1. Radha Beauty Rosehip Oil

On top of my list is the Radha Beauty Rosehip Oil which is natural, 100% pure, certified organic and cold-pressed Rosehip Oil. I totally love how my face feels after treating with this jewel.

This luxurious oil is loaded with essential fatty acids as well antioxidants that make your skin feel velvety. It comes in an orange color that’s a bit reddish so you can be confident that the oil has been cold-pressed and it has not been refined or diluted; it is guaranteed that it has all the nutrients in it.

It can be safely applied to your skin even if you are prone to acne. You can even also apply it to your pimples for faster healing and to your acne scars to make it less visible quickly. But make sure the oil doesn’t get to your clothes, towels or pillows as it may leave a stain.

Raddha also wins when it comes to packaging; its 4-oz. glass jar that comes in blue color simply looks adorable. It also has a phenolic cap with a glass dropper.


  • It is purely organic and cold pressed
  • There no chemicals added
  • Comes in a cut blue glass jar and the glass dropper is so convenient to use.
  • It can be quickly absorbed by your skin.


  • It can leave a stain on your clothing

2. Organic Rosehip by Teddie

Next on my list is the Organic Rosehip by Teddie which has no preservatives, no added colors, no fillers, has not been diluted with any other oils but just pure organic rosehip oil.

The rosehip oil used in this product has even been organically grown and harvested from the mountains of Chile. The natives living in the area have been using this oil for over centuries already. They use it as a protection from the harmful rays of the sun as well as an effective moisturizer during harsh winters and heavy windy days. They are also treating and healing their wounds including various skin problems.

You can choose between 2 sizes of Organic Rosehip by Teddie: 4 oz, and the smaller 1 oz. The package also comes with a free guide that tells you several different ways you can use rosehip oil.


  • It gets quickly absorbed by skin
  • Comes with free guide to the various uses of rosehip oil
  • Comes with Risk-Free Lifetime Guarantee


  • The manufacturer only produces bottled rosehip oil in small batches so the stocks might run out quickly. They do this to make sure they are producing premium quality only, so still not a bad thing.

3. Rosehip Oil by Majestic Pure

Here’s rosehip oil that also comes from the harvested wild rose bushes in Chile. Rosehip Oil by Majestic Pure is also cold-pressed so you can be sure that the method of extracting the oil does not involve any solvent and the active nutrients of the oil are intact.

With just two to three drops, you can safely moisturize your skin and keep it firm and elastic. It is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids like omega 3, 6 and 9. Majestic Pure guarantees that this oil will make your complexion look healthy and radiant and even feels smooth and velvety. Plus with all this luxurious feeling, the product is yet affordable. 


  • Purely organic and cold pressed
  • There are no additives
  • The oil has been extracted free from solvent


  • Comes with a very strong scent

4. Certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil by Foxbrim

Everyone using Certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil by Foxbrim are this oil works like magic. Well, there’s no doubt about that since this oil can effectively rejuvenate, regenerate and evens out any aging spots. This is because this product is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Foxbrim’s rosehip on has also been cold-pressed but only in small batches to make sure all the vitamins and nutrients are intact in this oil. It is EcoCert Certified Organic too and is 100% pure.


  • It has been cold-pressed with EcoCert Certified Organic
  • It doesn’t come with any additives


  • Comes with a rancid smell, like a seaweed or fish oil

5. ArtNaturals Rosehip Oil

ArtNaturals Rosehip Oil is also offering rosehip-oil in high quality. This cold pressed product is organic, pure and free from any chemicals. The product is guaranteed to be fresh, pure as well as effective even the first time you will be using and the quality will not alter. It is not only great for anyone with acne-prone skin but also for those who have dry skin, visible wrinkle and age spots.

ArtNaturals Rosehip Oil comes in various colors like orange, pink or pale yellow according to what batch it has been produced. Its 4-oz glass bottle comes in wonderful amber color and glass dropper. But there’s so much more! It comes with free set of two essential oil blends: a bottle of Signature Zen Blend and another bottle of Signature Chi Blend, both in 10 ml.


  • It is cold-pressed and organic
  • Comes with 2 complimentary essential oil


  • It caused tingling feeling and redness in some user

Tips for Using Rosehip Oil

Take note that rosehip oil may result in skin reactions. So read this tips first before you start using this oil.

  • If you have highly sensitive skin or if you are allergic, rosehip oil might have negative effects. So before you start using the product, make sure you will test the product in one part of your skin, like on your elbow, and see if your skin has an allergic reaction to it. If you notice your skin turned red or got irritated after the application, then do not use this oil.
  • Determine what your skin type first before you start using rosehip oil. I can only recommend this oil to those with normal to dry skin. They can use this oil as their daily moisturizer. However, if you have oily skin, the product might get clogged in your pores.
  • Regularly apply rosehip oil to your skin two times a day for the best results. But avoid applying the oil directly to your active acne. You will see your skin totally improved by three months. 
  • Do not overuse rosehip oil as it may only cause you acne breakout. Start using it in smaller quantities first.
  • Keep the rosehip oil refrigerated so to stop it from degrading.

Just a little reminder, if you’re nursing your child or currently pregnant, I recommend you don’t use rosehip oil as its effect to your infant or unborn baby has not yet been sufficiently studied. Also, rosehip oil is not ingestible; it has been known to have gastrointestinal side effects.

Final Thought

I can really say that we have an impressive list here, however, Raddha Beauty Rosehip Oil has won my heart. I can say it is best rosehip oil for acne with its light texture and high-quality of oil. Your skin will absolutely be glowing after us.

How about you? Which product do you think would suit you best? Do let me know by leaving a comment below.

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