Top 10 Unique Pillows in The World

Pillow is not only necessary for a good night’s sleep, but also extremely important to your health. It plays a part to support the neck and spine. That is the reason why people have used pillows for thousands of years so far. However, standard pillows still cannot satisfy most people. It leads to the creation of several unique pillows. Let’s explore the unique pillows below, maybe you will find the product that suits you.

Boyfriend Body Pillow

Many people want to have a hug while sleeping, but it seems impossible for people who are single. That’s why they made a pillow called Boy’s friend Body Pillow that mimics a man’s strong arms and shoulders. The pillow cover is usually a shirt so that you can change it easily.

Baby Sleeping Pillow

Babies always need the care of an adult, but parents can not hold their babies all the time. So, this pillow is produced. It can imitate almost the perfect size and feel of the hand and forearm, it helps the child sleep well without their parents.

Women’s Thigh Pillow

Besides products made exclusively for girls, this unique Japanese pillow was born to cater for the boys needs. This pillow is known as Hizamakura. With special shape, this pillow is said to help single men sleep better.

Office’s Pillow

Sometimes at the office, you want to fall down on the table and sleep because of  exhaustion and sleepiness. This strange pillow was created to help to take a short sleep on office desks. The only minus of this pillow is that when you use it, it looks silly.

Book-shaped Pillow

This pillow is designed as a book. It is often used when you want to sleep in public places or libraries. When using this pillow, you look like you are tired of reading and falling asleep.

Pillow with Alarm Clock

Besides the function of a pillow, this type of pillow also has an alarm clock that is attached directly below the fabric and cotton layer. With the LED light, you can see the time right on your pillow and set the alarm. It will automatically ring, vibrate and increase the brightness that makes you cannot go on sleeping.

Sleeping Pillow with A Paper Bag

Sometimes, you are hard to get deep sleep.You are sad and want to cry or you have a sick and stuffy nose. Don’t worry, this special pillow will be a great choice for that situation. It is called “Then Cry”. It is designed with an additional small compartment to put tissue paper, you can immediately take the tissue in this pillow to use.

Pillow That Can Inflate Itself Using The Cooling Fan of Laptop

The pillow will be connected to your laptop cooling fan. When you put the laptop in standby mode, the pillows will use the heat that the fan dissipates to pump itself up. This is an invention for people who often have to work with a laptop and want to take a nap in the most comfortable way.

Hoodie Pillow

You often get irritated because the coworkers talk too loudly or always turn on the lights at lunch break and you can not take a nap?. Then try this convenient HoodiePillow pillow right away. 

When you want to sleep, you just cover the hat, tie the drawstring to cover your eyes, and enjoy the music. With this type of pillow, napping at the office will become an absolutely relaxing time, which will help you recharge your next working hour.

MonPère Hand Pillow

MonPère pillow has a very unique feature that is shaped exactly like the arms of people hugging us while sleeping. Thanks to the core made of silicon, it is flexible to adjust and can support your sleeping posture.

Therefore it helps you to sleep deeper and eliminates symptoms of neck pain, back pain when waking up. Just bend one part of the product around the back of the seat and use the other part to support your head then you can sleep comfortably.

In conclusion

The above article is a summary of the 10 most unique pillows in the world. I hope that through this article, you will choose a pillow that suits your needs and interests. Moreover, you will have interesting information about the different types of pillows in the world.

Thank you for reading!